Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics of body movements.  There are two divisions of kinesiology; academic and applied.  Academic is the scientific study taught in universities.  Applied is what is largely used by chiropractors.  NuYou is able to offer applied kinesiology (AK) as a result of training from the Kinesiology Institute.  The study of applied kinesiology is not only popular among Doctor's of Chiropractic but also professional athletes, academic kinesiologists, nutrition and food scientists, etc.

 AK is a muscle balancing technique employing biofeedback that restores balance among the muscles.  Muscles can become week, or turned off, for many reasons such as trauma from accidents.  These muscles can remain turned off for many years.  Turning these muscles back on corrects structural imbalances often relieving pressure on nerves.  Exercising these muscles will not turn back on these muscles, it will strengthen associated muscles but when no longer exercising the problem returns, exercise alone will not correct the issue.

AK is a complex mixture of techniques such as emotional, nutritional, and structure interactions.  Through the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian connections associated muscle problems can be quickly identified such as how a muscle turned off in the arm could require work on a muscle in the lower body.  There are also neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular points associated with muscle and working these areas can quickly correct a turned off muscle.  Learning these points associated with your issue allows you to work these areas yourself in time of difficulty.  For example an athlete may become exhausted in an event and simply by working these points will be able to continue performing.

A typical AK session starts with an interview to understand your concerns and issues.  Then through muscle testing 42 muscles are evaluated to determine which are turned off.  NuYou can help correct these turned off muscles using the following techniques (a partial listing):

  • neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular point massage
  • myofascial release
  • injury release (releasing stress from old injuries)
  • lymphatic drainage
  • ileocecal valve or valves of houston
  • dural torque (dura mater - meninges - around the spinal cord is torqued)
  • hiatal hernia
  • pelvic category I (twisting of the sacroiliac joints without osseous subluxation)
  • pelvic category II (osseous subluxation between the sacrum and ilium)
  • pelvic category II (pelvis tilted as a whole forward or backward)
  • Carnial Bone Faults - craniosacral therapy  

For a detailed list of symptoms AK can help with following this link: AK Symptoms