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NuYouTherapy offers the tradition massage experience and much more.  If you are looking for a traditional 50 minute hour massage we can provide that employing techniques such as swedish, deep tissue, and Tui Na.  

All of our therapy sessions include high density negative ionization (HDNI). A few of these benefits include:

  • Negative ions increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in your environment. They are often described as a natural anti-depressant.
  • Negative ionizers have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension. Because negative ions are absorbed directly into the bloodstream they may help to combat harmful free radicals within your body.
  • Studies show high levels of negative ions can be as effective at treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as commonly prescribed antidepressants (obviously discuss any medication changes with your doctor).
  • Improved energy levels and focus. Research at the University of California showed negative ions normalize serotonin levels in the brain, potentially improving a person’s positive outlook and mood.
  • Better sleep. A French study found using negative ionizers could help you to sleep better. This is once again due to their positive effects in normalizing serotonin production in the brain.
  • Reduces instances of headaches and sickness. The company Norwich Union found installing negative ion air cleaners in a work area full computers and other electronic equipment reduced instances of reported sickness and headaches by 78%. Negative ion generators are also routinely used in hospitals in Europe for their beneficial impact on patient’s health and healing rates.
  • Elevated mental concentration and performance. Testing has regularly shown that subjects exposed to high levels of negative ions perform better in mentally challenging tasks than those breathing normal positive ion dense air. Pierce J. Howard PhD at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences says in the Owners Manual for the Brain – “Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.”

Reference: http://negativeionizers.net/negative-ions-benefits/ 


    We prefer to go beyond these limitations though.  NuYouTherapy believes before providing massage that getting to know you and your needs should come first.  To achieve this we will sit down with you and discuss your goals.  We will explain the therapies we recommend for you including brainwave entrainment, infrared heat, and hypnosis.

    Massage sessions may also include use of an infrared heat pad.  Infrared heat provides:

    • Long lasting pain relief
    • Reduction of arthritis pain
    • Increasing of blood circulation (promoting a faster recovery and cleansing of your whole body)
    •  Helps to remove toxins in the body
    • Improves range of motion
    • Promotes stress relief and relaxation
    • Reduction in pain

    Most people have not experienced hypnosis before except perhaps a stage show or TV comedy and may be nervous about their first appointment with a hypnotherapist.  This is understandable.  

    NuYouTherapy understands the importance of regulating blood sugar levels and will offer you a light protein snack prior to therapy.  Our brains get there energy from blood sugar and keeping these levels balanced is an important part of therapy.

    Included in your conversation with your therapist, where we will learn about your goals, you will be asked to provide a one page handwriting sample.  This will be used to better understand your subconscious behaviors so that your therapist can better relate to you and to help you better understand yourself.  

    As brainwave entrainment will be offered to you during your therapy you will be offered a choice of music to listen to during your massage experience rather than listen to traditional massage room music.  Brainwave entrainment is not subliminal messages rather a way to "tune your brainwaves" with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical impulses. If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (FFR).  FFR can be useful because brainwaves are very much related to mental state. For example, a 4 Hz brainwave is associated with sleep, so a 4 Hz sound pattern would help reproduce the sleep state in your brain.

    NuYouTherapy believes in combined approaches to massage.  Often massage therapist market selected forms of massage - some even have developed routines for specific massage types making their massages predictable.  This is perfectly acceptable if you are familiar with that therapists technique and it meets your needs.  Have you ever gone to a massage therapist and asked for deep tissue and found it not to be what you expected or needed?  For this reason NuYouTherapy combines techniques; perhaps deep tissue work on your neck and shoulder and swedish on other parts of your body or bodywork to correct or release underlying conditions in that part of the body.  

    Creams, oils, aromas.  Different skin types, times of the year, personal preferences are important. For this reason NuYouTherapy provides choices.  Some aromas though they can be theraputic can also be offensive making for a miserable experience.  Using a cream can leave your skin soothed in dry winter months or a thick feeling on warm summer days.  We also offer the use of an astringent to leave you feeling fresh and clean after your massage.  It is your choice. 

    Following massage hypnotherapy is offered.  Simply put hypnosis is a state where you are receptive to suggestions given by the therapist.  The therapist will explain what hypnosis is prior to you being hypnotized.  First though the therapist will get to know you further through a variety of ways including a conversation about your life, and desires for improvement through hypnotherapy.    

    Perhaps you would be more comfortable starting off with only a massage until you get to know the therapists at NuYouTherapy.  

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