Combined Therapy (Massage followed by Hypnosis)

Prior to your visit with us it is recommended that you eat some protein.  Protein is slower to metabolize preventing sudden changes in sugar levels. 

We want to get to know you and understand how we can best help.  To do this we will conduct an interview and ask for a handwriting sample for latter analysis at no charge.  Cursive handwriting, just a page, gives us clear insight to your personality as handwriting is an ideomotor response.  During your second visit you may be presented with the results of your handwriting analysis and further interviewed to determine the progress of your therapy resulting from your first visit - yes lasting changes from hypnotherapy CAN be that quick.

Prior to hypnotism during your first visit - yes everyone can be hypnotized and actual goes into the hypnotic state daily even without the aid of a hypnotherapist - we will explain what hypnotism is and is not.  In the 1970s the emotional and physical suggestibility theory was developed. Suggestibility is basically how we learn which dictates how your hypnotic induction will be presented.  Prior to this theory inductions we performed only literally resulting in as much as 50% of the population not reaching their ultimate hypnotic state.  Many emotions can be evoked during hypnosis and time and space distortions can occur leading some to question whether or not they were actually hypnotized: some laugh, some cry, while other remain very passive. This combined with a variety of depths needed, depending on the issues to be worked on, can lead some to question if they were hypnotized or not.  This will be explained prior to your hypnosis and only mentioned here as it is a common myth for people to believe they can not be hypnotized.

Following the therapeutic hypnotic session you will be in a relaxed state and in a fully conscious alert state.

During massage your therapist will communicate with you through touch, aroma, audio brainwave entrainment, and verbally as desired. If aromas are used they will have been discussed with you prior to use.  One of the purposes of the aromas will be to achieve states anchored during hypnotherapy. Containers of these aromas may be available for you to use between appointments to assist in achieving your goals.

You will be provided with a light protein snack prior to scheduling your next appointment as it is recommended that you eat every two to three hours.