Relaxation through Massage and Hypnosis

Remember that massage you once had where time and space seemed to blend into one and evaporate?  Time distortion often happens in hypnosis just as the hours slide by reading a favorite book, long midnight conversations with a loved one, etc.  There are many levels of hypnosis and everyone goes into hypnosis at least once a day, typically four times or more.  Alone hypnosis can therapeutically bring satisfaction to life.  Entering hypnosis followed by massage prepares the body to receive the greatest therapeutic satisfaction from massage. Find out how we can help.

Whether you need a nice relaxing vacation massage or help with sore muscles from overuse, fibromyalgia, stress…  We are the professionals you want to see.

Do you have an issue you need to over-come such as anxiety, weight control, exercise, fears, relationships, nausea, stress, problem solving, habit control i.e. smoking, nail biting, etc. that does not require a psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist…  We are your subconscious behaviorists working with modalities such as hypnosis, neurolinguistics programming, dream therapy, etc.

 Come see us today for any of over a 145 way hypnotherapy and massage might help you.

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